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Meet Our Software, Then Meet Your Data

Ever wonder about the value of data in your databases? We do. What is the value of more accurate forecasts? The value of less time needed to input and access your data?

Every business and organization has collected data about their prospects, customers, and activities. Tapping that data has, until now, required software development staff and resources, an expensive and often time consuming proposition. Technology is rarely easy. And customization can lead to nasty bugs.

So it is no surprise many worthy projects stay on the back burner. When money for programming work is tight, you have to hold off on important projects.

Access Your Data Without Time Consuming Development.

Our software easily takes less than an hour to snap on to any database you need to access.

Then you're in charge. You decide which tables and data to access, filter, and share. No further programming support is required. Pinch yourself. This is not a dream.

Your technical support group will be thrilled because our software works with all major operating systems. It is a 100% java server application which means installing our software is easy. And it is easy to add custom business logic programming, if needed. But most people will never have to do anything beyond opening their Web browser to meet their data.

Because our software lets you run the show, your technical support group can point to you as a success story at budget time. Plus they'll have more time to spend on more complex projects.

Lost Opportunities? Problem Solved.

Every business can leverage their databases to seize opportunities quickly. We can help you do it the fastest way possible.

How? Our software is a Web application. It only requires a browser and an internet connection. You have the network, data, and Web browser software. Our software easily connects all three. Just snap our software on your databases. Then watch your employees happily make the most of your untapped data.

Imagine this: One day soon you can meet all your untapped data to answer a question or solve a problem and make a customer happy. Just use your Web browser to log in then sort and view data the way you want. Without the need for complex programming.

The answers you need are buried in your data. Now you can find them easily with our software, today and tomorrow.

Web Data Entry Applications? Just Add Some Secret Sauce.

What if you thought of a new application to collect data from employees in one location or across the globe. You define your data requirements to our Info Silk software in the morning. That afternoon your employees are entering the data they need in their browsers.

Our secret sauce is that we have analyzed the most common patterns in data entry applications and built them into our software. Just define your particular data requirements and your applications are up and running in browsers everywhere.

When Web application development obstacles are removed, you'll be amazed and the productivity and bottom line improvements across the company. But don't just take our word, let us prove it to you.

Want to see a demonstration? Or learn more? Take the Tour.

Please call us today at (718) 575-9305 or email us at

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