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The People Behind Our Software

MRF Web Group is headed by Mark Frankel. Mr. Frankel has developed business applications and databases for over 25 years. Our company also draws on a number of analysts and developers to create the team needed to meet your needs.

Our twenty-five years plus experience building software applications make us very big believers that untapped data should not be difficult or costly to access. Our expertise in securities processing, financial risk management, direct marketing, and non-profits teaches us that many businesses and organizations waste time and resources because they lack access to their untapped data.

We don't believe it has to be that way. We believe your programming resources should be saved for more complex work than database access or building reporting applications.

So we built our software product to help our customers. They include a major investment bank, an international direct marketing firm, and a non-profit group. They not only realize the value of their untapped data, they also appreciate how easy and quick our software works to reveal that value.

Our customers do not have to wait for programmers before they can access their data. Their happy challenge is to figure out how best to use their data to take advantage of opportunities today and tomorrow. To do so, they only have to open a web browser. We can help your business achieve the same easy to use access to your untapped data.

Please call us today at (718) 575-9305 or email us at to schedule a free demonstration or to learn more about how we can help you tap your databases.

home | our software | services | customers | about us
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